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VirtualMax is the easiest way to list your property online, with all the latest fanciness required in today’s market.

Professional Feature Sheets

Virtual Max delivers professional feature sheets

We offer many types of feature sheets which can be customized to suit your needs. Feature sheets will be generating in PDF format for quick turnaround. Our high-quality feature sheet focuses exclusively on all the highlights what make your property unique, and helps the buyer mentally move into your home. It also gives them a tangible presentation they can take home and show their friends and family.

Amazing Looking Website

Don’t forget a Free Website for MLS Listing

The website is an important part of the complete package that we offer. The ones we supply are responsive and well-designed with easy navigation and eye-catching graphics. by providing the website link to your potential client, there is no other place they need to go to get more information about your listing.

Real State Video Tour

Branded & Non-Branded Video, YouTube link & Direct Download link

Walk-Through Videos

Drone Videos

Slide Show Videos

Animated Logo

Real Estate Photography

We will take your property photos in HDR and High Resolution.

We believe your clients deserve the best quality real estate photographs to make their listing stand out and help them net the most money.

Social Media

Social media is tough but even tougher for real estate.

It’s tricky to shift properties (which, needless to say, come at a high price) on social media because they aren’t rash purchases. It’s unlikely for people to view a handful of tweets and bang down a hefty deposit, right?

That doesn’t make real estate social media marketing impossible.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite.


3D Walkthrough Virtual Tour

The secret weapon you’ve been waiting for!

Using our specialized Matterport camera, we are able to produce 3D virtual walk-through tours in homes across Canada.

The Matterport 3D Virtual Tour is the secret weapon you’ve been waiting for. By providing your clients with this new cutting edge service you are guaranteed to generate new business and increase sales almost immediately! Imagine being able to walk through a home without ever having stepped foot in it. It’s like having an open house 24/7

Additional Services - Extra Add-ons

Walk-Through Videos
•    Host a 24/7 open house without lifting a finger
•    Buyers experience the true size, layout, and flow of the home
•    Fewer wasted showings for agents, buyers, and sellers

Pricing Starts From: $199
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•    Using drone videos in a listing allows the potential homebuyer to see the entire property from the air. 
•    This can give homebuyers an amazing perspective on the home they are interested in. 
•    Photos can be deceiving, but an aerial video can really highlight an entire property showing all of its amenities

Pricing Starts From: $199
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A high-class professional set of photo shoots for better representation, Show off your luxury listings with Twilight & Night Photography
Looking for Professional Architectural Photography?

Pricing Starts From: $199
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We offer many types of feature sheets which can be customized to suit your needs. Standard Feature Sheet, Brochure Style Feature Sheet, Booklet-Style Feature Sheet

Pricing Starts From: $25
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Instantly create beautiful address-specific reports. Professionally designed multi-pages marketing neighborhood reports that show a home's address in the best light.

•    Stand out from the crowd with your branding 

•    Get top marks for excellent school data 

•    Impress your clients with high quality reports 

•    Show visual proof of a great neighborhood 

Pricing Starts From: $10
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Get your place equipped with a full 2D engineering floor plan

Pricing Starts From: $45
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One of our most popular features of our video tour or slide show video is the ability to add your own logo to your videos, whether it’s at the beginning or at the end of the video. Animated logo is a popular asset of marketing and brand identity. 

Pricing Starts From: $25
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Get your personal domain and link it to your listing website

Pricing Starts From: $30
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