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All-Inclusive Services

Add-On Services

1-3 minutes Video
Narration is available at extra cost

Pricing Starts From: $200

One of our most popular features of our video tour or slide show video is the ability to add your own logo to your videos, whether it’s at the beginning or at the end of the video. Animated logo is a popular asset of marketing and brand identity. 

Pricing Starts From: $25

Parks, recreation, Shopping, Restaurants & Architecture
Proximity to major roads and highways
1-3 minutes Video
Narration Script, Voice over & Drone videography is available at extra cost

Pricing Starts From: $200

Twilight and Night Photography
Custom retouching of photos

Pricing Starts From: $150

Drone photography & Videography
Insured, Trusted & Licensed Operators

Pricing Starts From: $200

Stand out from the crowd with your branding
Get top marks for excellent school data
Impress your clients with high quality reports
Show visual proof of a great neighbourhood

Pricing Starts From: $10

Schematic Floor Plans
With measurements and room labels.
48 hours turnaround

Pricing Starts From: $45

Matching the colors based on your company branding or personal preference
Save time and money while making more sales with our easy to use real estate templates.

Pricing Starts From: $45


Scored Qty: 25

Pricing Starts From: $50
  • 3D walkthrough Video simulated from 3D Virtual Tour

  • YouTube and Direct Download link

  • Eye-Catching visual content for social media

Pricing Starts From: $35

Teaser videos are short, 10-15
second animated teasers
Created for each Space, showing off both an Inside View and the Dollhouse.
Eye-Catching visual content for social media

Pricing Starts From: $10

Interior or Exterior 360 panoramas
Eye-Catching social content for Facebook

Pricing Starts From: $10

Use your favorite name for listing website
Removing “Virtual Max” from the URL

Pricing Starts From: $40