QR Code Sign

Have all the details, specifications, and visuals of any listing in the palm of your hand.  This is a simple and effective way to bridge the digital and physical worlds.

 A QR code sign is an excellent method for realtors to display images of the property for sale and entice prospective buyers. This is an excellent marketing technique designed to drive downloads, and capture leads from online avenues like social media and print. 

These digital barcodes can be used in a variety of places from large outdoor signs to an easy access point on a smartphone, tablet, or computer.  It’s important to remember that research points to the fact that half of buyers find new homes online.

You can use a QR code sign to add your business information in an easy digital format. It’s also possible to add house tours to these QR code signs. Dynamic QR codes increase your prospect’s experience by immersing them in an interactive platform.

These signs can be used as a marketing tool and link to social media networks and even other assets like PDF documents and of course photographs. You can also use these tools to supply clients with maps to property locations.