3D Teaser Short Clip

These are short 10 to 15-second animated teasers that are created for Matterport Spaces. They are designed to highlight and showcase outstanding features.

  • Created for each Space
  • Showing both an Inside View and the Dollhouse.
  • Eye-Catching visual content for social media
  • Teaser Videos for Your Matterport 3D Model
  • These short video clips highlight the best features of your Matterport model.

They are the perfect addition to email marketing campaigns or engaging posts on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Here’s some more information about these teaser videos.

These teasers are created through Matterport’s system which can select the most attractive views from within a space. They can be edited using a variety of different software programs.

Here’s another advantage. The size of the teaser is not affected by the size of the model. All of them are 10 to 15 seconds long.

We look after models that have been processed  before 2017. It’s still possible to get a teaser video with the free re-upload. A few simple tweaks allow you to get a brand-new Matterport 3D model. From there you can download a new teaser.

Please feel free to ask any questions you have about how we can implement these teaser videos for your listings.