Starter Plus Video Tour package extends the video duration to provide even more room-by-room coverage. This package offers a bit more detail for those who want a closer look at the property's features.

Starter Plus Video Tour

The Starter Plus Walkthrough Video Package provides a dynamic 60-second video presentation, offering enhanced details of the property.

This package is specifically curated for condos, townhouses, and small semi-detached homes, catering to those seeking a more in-depth visual exploration.

Although it refrains from intricate close-up shots, it remains an optimal choice for effectively portraying the key features and overall ambiance of the property.

Elevate your property listing with this engaging and informative video package.

*This service includes up to 60 sec. regular video and voice-over narration cannot be included in the package..

Included in the package:

  • YouTube or Vimeo direct link for convenient sharing.
  • Direct Download link, providing access to the original media file.
  • Fast Turnaround, with delivery in as little as 48 hours.

Optional Additions:

  • Branded Logo Motion at the beginning and/or end of the video for a professional touch.
  • Custom Branded Banner during playtime, allowing for personalized and impactful branding.