Neighbourhood Ground Photography

Provide a sense of what life is like around the listing. Proximity to shopping,  parks, and schools as well as other amenities can help sell a property. Some recent studies point to the fact that 70% of people rate neighborhood quality higher than the size of the home. The old real estate adage of location location, location brings true here.

Remember that it’s more effective for potential homebuyers to see the neighbourhood’s amenities than just read about them. This type of extra feature helps to add to your credibility, your brand, and of course your listing.

Help potential buyers build a picture of their life with this feature. Remember that most VR tours don’t include the surrounding neighborhood of the listing. Adding this feature to the overall package will help to engage prospects and increase your sales.

Stock photography doesn’t do the job properly. It’s important to have unique neighbourhood photographs to help tell the story of the lifestyle your listing has in store.

* Price starts at $50 , this service includes ground photoshoots for major neighborhood locations close to listing, around one intersection. If the listing is further from these amenities and locations, the price may increase.