Adding these to your video adds an extra layer of depth. It puts emphasis on the features of the listing without showing your face. Separate your listings from the competition.

Voice Over Narration

Our priority is providing tailored, professional voiceovers for each of your listings. Remember, these are perfect to give viewers an added layer of context for the listing. Supplying an engaging voice to your content goes a long way to separating them from the competition. Our products can help you underline each property’s elegance and match the style of each room.

  • Background music is applied. The Voice Overs we supply match the emotional flavor as well as the pacing style of the script. Our goal is to provide you with a seamless product. Our editing will remove any background or breathing noises that could affect the quality of the final recording.
  • Both female and or male voices are available upon request. Making sure that each part of your video aligns with the voiceover is another part of our service. Timing is important. We can also adjust the volume so that certain parts are louder or quieter than the rest of the recording.
  • We ask that you provide the script so everything is tailored to your needs.

*Conditions apply for Commercial & Broadcast Rights.