iGUIDE 3D Tours include Floor Plans, 360° images and Room Dimensions.

This technology provides floor area information and room measurements for the major parts of the property. This is a digital interactive plan providing an immersive visual experience.

3D iGuide Tour

Being able to access property information in a digital way increases sales and benefits everyone. Easier digital navigation for faster decision-making is a positive. This solution for real estate professionals includes photos, room dimensions, accurate plans, and 360° images.

This tool includes property details and professional images as well as 3-D Tours links and easily embedded code. Some of the advantages you’ll get when you order this advanced tool from us include:


Shooting a property with the camera system involved for 3-D Tours can be donein a single visit. Agents are put in the driver’s seat. They have complete control over the entire tour experience including images. All the panoramas that get shot are completely editable.

Advanced measurements provided include floor areas in square footage. These are an excellent way to attach an added layer of value to any listing. Every 3D iGuide Tour will provide a defensible and detailed analysis.


Add a sense of movement with the video integration capability. It’s the best way to help clients understand the connections between different spaces.

Remember, the panoramas that get shot can be hidden and floor plans can be modified and labeled accordingly. Customization allows image galleries, property details, and videos to be updated and changed.